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Elvis Presley asked her for a date.

  • However, Barbara was hiding a very big secret during the first season of filming, which was hard to hide in her revealing costume — she was pregnant! No Theme Song In The First Season Phil Spector Had A Cameo Nowadays, Phil Spector is best known for being behind bars after a murder conviction in 2009.

  • Over the years a lot of hot, nude women have graced the pages of Playboy.

  • Looks like we answered your cravings about Barbara Eden just the way you want! Even more surprisingly, in a New York airport in 1957, Barbara was approached by a handler of then senator and future president John F.

In 1977, Barbara married her second husband, Charles Donald, and this marriage lasted for five years and ended in divorce in 1982.

  • Looking at her new nose shape makes some people wonder how her nose can change and look perfect whereas she previously had a bit bulbous and piggy nose.

  • We may be seeing much more than was originally possible with the equipment that existed back then, however back then we were probably looking at a Joan Bennett who was 25 feet tall on your average screen.

  • It debuted January 16, 1981, winning 11 of its 13 time slots during the first season.