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I saw James Ransone Ziggy in Generation Kill before I watched The Wire so for me he is always Ray Person.

  • She grew up in Pleasant Hill California and graduated from Diablo Valley College, in that town.

  • She is a New Zealand actress and singer.

  • Some of the ones I haven't seen mentioned yet are Callie Thorne Elena in Necessary Roughness, Pedro Schreiber Nick Sibotka with a completely different role in Orange is the New Black, and imagine my surprise when I watched the True Detective pilot and saw Michael Potts Brother Mouzone and Clarke Peters Freamon.

Still doing the la thing.

  • Courtney did a few television series named Growing Pains, Melrose Place, and Ally McBeal.

  • Shea , and we were supposed to run into a room and grab this girl.

  • She later attended Eastern Illinois University but she never really took the idea of a career in acting seriously until persuaded by an.